Anyone with an office or commercial building will know the importance of design. From increasing productivity to making sure you give the right impression to your guests, how your space looks is crucial to its success.

That’s why you should make sure everything is perfect, right down to the smallest detail – and that includes doors! In recent years, sliding glass doors in London have become more and more popular, and for good reason, too. Check out their benefits and see if they could be the right pick for your building.

Energy efficiency is a key factor:

Now more than ever, eco-friendly options should play a key part in any buildings design. Sliding glass doors are the ideal option when it comes to this due to their insulating properties, helping you cut back on energy usage. Not only does this help the planet, but it’ll save you money too, making it a win-win! Sliding doors will help keep your building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, particularly if you choose one with a composite gasket. Your doors will also act as a shield against harsh weather conditions and outside noise, creating a more welcoming environment.

Superior airflow:

To keep your space fresher, sliding glass doors provide consistent airflow. You can even choose to keep them open between rooms if they’re getting a little stuffy or keep them closed to trap cold or warm air. With large, glass panes, the airflow is increased compared to regular doors, too.

Overall Safety and Security Installing Sliding Glass Doors

In years gone by, sliding doors earned a negative reputation for being dangerous as they didn’t use safety glass, making the chance of them smashing much higher. Now, however, this isn’t the case. Sliding doors are built using shatterproof safety glass, keeping your space safe and secure. You can also choose to have a gasket with aluminium seals, preventing intruders from breaking into your building.

Saving space:

The sliding doors operate without any hinge. They will simply glide in the track rather than the traditional swing open. It means that no such extra space is required. They simply open up by a single door sliding over the other panel.

Sliding doors don’t need a hinge to operate, instead of moving across a track and not swinging open. This makes them ideal if you’re looking to maximise the space you have as you won’t have to think about the space around your door, as you would with a traditional swinging mechanism. It’s also a more modern look, making them ideal for sleek design.

The flow of natural light:

Due to the bigger area of glass than traditional doors, sliding glass doors in London allow for better flow of light throughout your building. This means you’ll need less artificial light, which is better for the environment and creates a more appealing space. If you’re using glass doors in an office space, it’s also been proven that natural light increases productivity, making choosing them a no-brainer!

It is environmentally friendly:

You can opt for eco-friendly features on your sliding doors, such as opting for recycled wood. This is also a durable and insulating option, making them much better for the environment. Sliding glass doors are also much better than plastic or PVC options, and if you look after yours they can last for many, many years to come!