The sound in your office can have a huge impact on how your team works – in fact, a lot of noise pollution can decrease productivity and make it more difficult for your employees to get things done. It’s not really a surprise; trying to think in loud places is always harder! If you’re looking to cut down on distractions at your workplace, installing acoustic sliding doors could be the solution.

Of course, selecting your doors is always based on more than just how well they block out noise. You need to think about the branding of your offices and how you want to show your company, making sure you make the right first impression with guests and show the world exactly who you are. Luckily, sliding acoustic doors are also great for this, being both visually versatile and very practical.

Here’s all you need to about these doors, including how they can reduce distractions at the workplace.

How Do Acoustic Sliding Doors Work?

With acoustic sliding doors, designers are focused on both controlling noise levels whilst ensuring they still fit a whole variety of aesthetics. They feature a unique perimeter frame design which offers improved acoustical performance, helping block noise between rooms. They also don’t make noise themselves, with each door on a high-quality roller and track mechanism with soft close dampers. Say goodbye to creaking doors and opt for this silent, modern option instead!

Why Are Sliding Doors The Preferred Choice For Professional Environments?

In organisations where spaces for confidential conversations are necessary, acoustic sliding doors are a great solution, making sure no one outside your room can hear what you’re discussing. They’re also great at keeping noise to a minimum in each sector, preventing it from building up to a level that disrupts work. Stylish, modern, and practical, these are the obvious choice for contemporary workspaces.

Additional Benefits Of Installing An Acoustic Sliding Door

  • Easy Customisation 

Besides soundproofing, customisation is another great benefit of installing an acoustic sliding door. The versatile design options mean you can make yours suit your company style, too, picking everything from the colour of your materials to the type of handles. You can even alter the acoustic soundproofing levels to make them suit your needs.

  • Great Privacy 

From discussing confidential figures to keeping the privacy of patients in healthcare facilities, acoustic doors help ensure you have spaces that you’ll feel comfortable discussing private information. Even executive offices and human resources departments benefit from the privacy of acoustic sliding glass doors.

If you think acoustic doors are the ideal solution to your noisy workplace, it’s time to get out there and find the best, high-quality option for you!