FUSION VICTORIAN. The new ornate option in the Banded Range of products. The introduction of the Fusion Victorian system provides further choice for Architects and Designers when selecting from the expansive Banded Range. This single glazed system provides market leading performance (up to 40dB using 12.8mm acoustic glass) and elaborate detailing to all areas of […]


At Fusion Partitions we endeavour to always listen to our customers views and utilise them to good effect where we can. So we have taken on board the feedback regarding a proportion of our product branding from a number of Architects and Designers. We agree that with the highest performing range of glazed office systems [...]

Why Are Glass Office Partitions So Popular?

With the global pandemic making social distancing mandatory, this is the perfect time to work on changing the flow of your office. If you want to create an open, balanced space that still allows for privacy, glass partitions are an ideal solution. These easy to install walls make it simple to create closed spaces within […]

All You Need To Know About Glass Partition Walls

If you’re looking to open up a room or create a more spacious work environment, have you considered glass partition walls? These panes of glass are high-quality and can be used to easily divide your rooms. They also add a professional, contemporary look to any office, so it’s no surprise they’ve become so popular with […]