Glass partitions act as room dividers and are high-quality panes of glass. Using glass partitions could give a room the illusion of being spacious and brighter. These partitions are usually ceiling to wall and Aluminium is widely used for the frames to hold the glass pieces in place. Glass partitions are widely used in office spaces. They make up for an easy upgrade for the office space.

It’s quite easy to choose the right glass partition walls in London as there are a plethora of companies offering various types of glass partitions. It is about knowing which partition should be chosen based on the type suiting your preference the best.

A Few Important Tips to Help You Choose The Glass Partitions Effectively


Most people choose partitions to convert open space into a temporary and easily revertible enclosed space for privacy. If that’s your reason for installing a glass partition then the frosted glass would be a better choice than the clear one. The frosted glass partition walls are ideal for private or confidential business meetings. While frosted glass has its purpose, clear glass could motivate the staff to work more efficiently as it provides transparency.

Light and Space

Frosted as well as clear glass provides ample natural light to flow through the room and thus, makes the room look brighter and bigger. This, in turn, provides a sense of ease and openness. Natural light is proven to raise productivity levels as compared to artificial light. The clearer appearance of the room is also another benefit. People can also get Vitamin D through the sun’s rays which not only strengthen bones but also improve the overall mood of a person.


Incorporating the brand name, logo, and symbol on the partitioning could be a great method to inculcate the brand’s identity. This is usually done on a frosted partition wall and is cost-effective if the office space is rented as the partitions can be easily removed. The branding on the frosted glass partition can be done in whatever way it suits the preference of the business. It could either simply be a logo with the name or it could be a mixture of various patterns. It is a great way to express creativity while promoting your brand.


Partitions cut down on long-term costs as they require little or no maintenance. Since glass partitions enhance the light of the room, the office can also cut down on electricity expenses. They are also portable and if ever the office space is changed, it would be easier to move them to another place. They are durable as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned varieties, one can also go for

  • Soundproof glass partition walls for keeping the communications confidential.
  • Switchable glass partitions allowing the glass appearance to change from transparent to opaque with a click of a switch.

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