56,000 Sq ft
Product: Fusion Clearline 100 Double Glazed (500 lm +)
Doors: Double Glazed Contempo Doors: 105

Fusion Partitions worked side by side with AIS Workplace to bring this very unique partition design into reality. This project for a Major Global Insurance company was set over 4 floors with an area of 56,000 square feet. The nature of the end user business required many cellular offices, meeting rooms, board rooms and break out spaces, all requiring a high level of acoustic separation.

With acoustics in mind our Clearline 100 system at 54dB Rw was the obvious choice, this was complemented by our double glazed Contempo acoustic door at 46dB Rw. In order to maximise the feeling of space with so many cellular offices, key glass to glass 90-degree junctions were chamfered in locations throughout the building. This was a technical challenge for our in-house design team, especially with a double-glazed system. However, Fusion’s highly skilled and experienced staff rose to the challenge and replicated this detail flawlessly 29 times throughout the project.

The result was a very happy end user and a project that both AIS and Fusion can be proud of.

AIS Creative Director Simon Hart commented

Fusion Partitions worked closely with us throughout the design process, demonstrating an impressive offering of aesthetics, product performance and all-round flexibility. We would not hesitate to work with them again.”

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