The worlds in lockdown and everything’s a little bit quieter at the moment. But this doesn’t mean your business has to stand still! Whilst you might not be able to open it to the public, you can take this opportunity to work on your brand and make sure that when you reopen you’ll do so with a bang. 

One way you can focus on your business during this time is by working on your office interiors. With employees at home and plenty of time, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on creating a smarter, on-brand workspace. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together some of the ways you can re-do your office with glass partition walls

Things You Need to Focus about Glass Partitions

Why Glass Partitions

  • They look smart and contemporary. 
  • They can instantly create a sleeker-looking workspace.
  • They’re available in various designs and patterns.
  • They can be used across your office. 
  • They’re affordable and easier to maintain than the traditional partition walls.

How to Maintain Your Glass Partition Walls

Keeping your office space clean is important all year round, but especially with the current crisis. Cleaning glass walls is far easier than any other option, creating a more hygienic work environment. 

To clean your partitions, all you’ll need is an antibacterial glass cleaner and a clean cloth. You should disinfect your glass walls and doors regularly to keep up hygiene standards and make sure your staff are always safe.

For regular, thorough cleaning, we recommend hiring a professional team. 

How to Choose the Right Pattern

There are plenty of patterns and styles available for your glass partitions. For example, you can opt for either single or double glazed walls. If you’re looking for a more soundproof and insulating option, choose double glazed glass. You can also pick frosted glass for areas where more privacy is needed. 

When choosing your glass partitions, make sure they reflect your brand. For example, a modern, professional company may use frosted glass walls with a sleek silver trim. 

Talk to the Experts

During the lockdown, glass partition service providers can still be reached over the phone or by email. So, if you need any advice on redecorating your workspace with glass walls, get in touch with them. We recommend sending images and the layout of your office to give them a better idea of your space. They can then offer your ideas for how to make the most of what you have so you can start planning your new and improved offices. 

Important Considerations to Choosing Glass Partitions for Your Office

When ordering glass partitions, make sure to consider the following:

  • Measure the space inside the office to choose the right size of the glass walls
  • If you want to keep a certain place private, then go for the frosted glass
  • You will have ample natural light inside the office when you have glass walls and doors, so consider removing excess light fittings

Fusion Partition is a well-known name in the glass partition industry in London. They’ve worked on commercial projects across the city and beyond, giving them plenty of experience. They offer a wide range of glass walls and doors to suit your space, so make sure to check out what’s on offer!