The new ornate option in the Banded Range of products.

The introduction of the Fusion Victorian system provides further choice for Architects and Designers when selecting from the expansive Banded Range.

This single glazed system provides market leading performance (up to 40dB using 12.8mm acoustic glass) and elaborate detailing to all areas of the framework. Stepped vertical and horizontal banded sections come together to create striking meeting points. This is further enhanced with a recessed detail to the head, base, abutment and doorframe sections.

The Contempo Light single glazed door (up to 41dB) particularly compliments this product when Fusions’ unique integrated handle is utilised. But it’s fair to say that all of the range of Contempo acoustic doors integrate beautifully and provide market leading acoustic integrity.

The double glazed Victorian system is currently in production and will be available later this year.

Following its refurbishment, the Victorian system can be viewed along with a selection of the Fusion range at the stunning Tarkett-Desso showroom in Clerkenwell.

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