At Fusion Partitions we endeavour to always listen to our customers views and utilise them to good effect where we can.

So we have taken on board the feedback regarding a proportion of our product branding from a number of Architects and Designers. We agree that with the highest performing range of glazed office systems in the UK, our branding should be more aligned with the products high performance.
We have therefore decided to remove the “Clear” and “Clearline” brands and replace them with the “Frequency” range.
Frequency Single Glazed, 40dB(Rw) using 12.8mm acoustic glass
Frequency 75 Double Glazed, 50dB(Rw) using 2 x 12.8mm acoustic glass
Frequency 100 Double Glazed, 54dB(Rw) using 2 x 12.8mm acoustic glass
We hope you will agree that “Frequency” is more representative of what these products deliver. Industry leading acoustics.

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